CACI Facials

CACI Non Surgical Face-Lift
The procedure has twenty years of medical research behind it and works by re-educating, toning and firming the facial muscles. A hydrating mask infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C and E will leave the skin radiant and firmer.
1 hour

CACI Ultimate Anti-Ageing Facial
The CACI Ultra is an effective non surgical treatment method to redefine facial contours, plump out deep lines and wrinkles as well as tackle a range of skin imperfections. It is the very first treatment system to combine Microcurrent facial toning, UltraSonic skin peeling and LED photo rejuvenation.
1 hour 30 mins

CACI Jowl Lift
The CACI Jowl Lift facial has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline, improve the appearance of sagging jowls, lift and firm facial contours.

CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion
This revolutionary system removes the outermost surface of the skin by using super fine particles directly onto the face. The LED photo rejuvenation uses wavelengths of light to stimulate the skin cells and reduce the signs of pigmentation. Also for acne pitted skins and general maintenance to brighten dull complexions.
45 mins

CACI Eye-Lift Treatment
The CACI Eye-Lift Treatment is a non-surgical eye bag removal which tightens the skin around the eyes. Even this most delicate area can be treated with proven results.
30 mins

CACI Wrinkle Revolution
This non-invasive, needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers softens and smoothes the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
30 mins

CACI Ultimate Healing Treatment
The healing energy of red light and the calming action of blue light is used in combination with CACI’s exclusive skin resurfacing technology to achieve a clearer complexion. Perfect for problematic skin prone to skin breakouts.
45 mins

Hydratone CACI
Combining CACI‘S face firming rollers with CACI’s Hydra Mask, a clear gel mask infused with powerful moisturising properties to provide intensive skin hydration. Perfect for sun – damaged and dehydrated skin.
30 mins

Add Ons: (15mins) – £15
Wrinkle Combe (red + blue light therapy)
Crystal free microdermabrasion

CACI Ultimate Facials Price
CACI Non-Surgical Face-Lift
 -Including Mask (1h 15mins) £90
 -Excluding Mask (1h) £75
CACI Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial £90
CACI Jowl Lift £40
CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion £60
CACI Eye-Lift Treatment £50
CACI Wrinkle Revolution £40
CACI Ultimate Healing Treatment £45
Hydratone CACI £40
Add ons: (15mins) £15
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